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Terms & Conditions

Who is our customer?
Sunny Border Nurseries, Inc., sells to garden centers, landscapers, universities, municipalities and other commercial organizations within the horticultural industry. We sell to the trade only and do not accept retail orders.

Our area of trade includes New England and the mid-Atlantic states. Sales outside this area require special arrangements and may incur additional packing and shipping costs.

Pricing and Availability
Pricing, availability and quality ratings for plants currently in stock are available to qualified organizations through our weekly faxed and emailed Retail Ready lists. Quantity pricing discounts are available with "per tray" pricing offering the greatest discount. Discounts are also provided for prompt payment of the bill of lading, with discounts increasing with the size of the order. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Orders are processed in the order they are received. All orders are subject to adjustments due to availability restrictions, crop health or causes beyond our control. Because availability changes constantly, it is sometimes necessary to split orders into more than one shipping date.
Existing customers can download our weekly Retail Ready list and our Order Forms by clicking here. If you are a new customer please click here to contact a sales representative for specific details on availability, pricing and discounts.

Customer Visits
We welcome customer visits but we are unable to accept unannounced visits during the spring rush. Therefore, we kindly ask that give us a minimum of two days notice for any order pick up so that our staff can pick your order and have it ready when you arrive. This allows us to accommodate your pick up request, while respecting plant inventory that may be reserved for a pre-booked order that has not yet shipped.

After May 30th, you are welcome to browse through the nursery and you may pick and purchase any varieties in the quantity you desire on the spot, except for plants labeled "stock" or plants flagged with colored ribbon. Just let us know if you need help and we will be glad to assist you in any way we can. Unlike many nurseries, we always carry good inventories of most items we offer throughout the growing season so you are bound to find what you are looking for, even after Memorial Day and straight through fall.

Hardiness Information
Most hardiness zone maps are based on a 25 year average. As a result, they can be very inaccurate. Our farm locations are in USDA zone 6a, however we have had Zone 3b conditions in our coldest winters and Zone 7a conditions in our warmest winters.

The hardiness information we list for each genus is a result of our vast experience with most genera over the past 80 years. Species, variety or cultivar requirements may vary within a genus. Light requirements may also vary. For example, plants that need shade in Virginia may do perfectly well in full sun when grown in New England. We urge you to be skeptical about zone maps and light requirements. Many other factors can affect plant performance and durability.