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Landscape Icons

These plants are the bread and butter of the landscape. They are the perennial work-horses that get the job done in the garden, whether it be a bed, border or drift.

Astilbe, Brunnera, Hemerocallis, Salvia and Rudbeckia are just a few of the botanical groups that we all treasure for their garden worthiness. Through the years, we have been graced with many new hybrids of these great landscape icons. Thanks to the intensive breeding going on in the green industry, we are able to take advantage of the best traits of the parent plant, while gaining some improved attributes. These could be changes in growth habit, bloom color, foliage color, disease resistance or even temperature tolerance.  You might say, we get the best of both worlds now... hard workers with even better personalities than they already had!

Sunny Border carries an extensive array of genera and their species that have proved their garden worthiness, time and time again. Add to that, all the hybrids we carry of these genera and you’ve got yourself one of the widest inventory of proven performers around, to help meet customer demand for the best!  Periodically, we will release new Sunny Border Landscape Icons information sheets and quite often, special pricing on these plants to boot. Enjoy!

Current Releases:

File Name Downloads
Echinacea - Landscape Icons pdf button
Astilbe - Landscape Icons pdf button
Brunnera - Landscape Icons pdf button
Ornamental Grasses - Landscape Icons pdf button
Salvia - Landscape Icons pdf button
Polygonatum f. 'Variegatum' - Landscape Icons pdf button

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