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A message from Sunny Border CEO,
Pierre Bennerup

Let's redefine gardening beginning with sustainability. I’m convinced that the search for an all-color, all-season garden is an expensive, unobtainable myth. The concept that COLOR IS EVERYTHING is simply not sustainable. That would require huge amounts of water, fertilizer, and most of all, TIME. Most working couples don’t want to spend their leisure hours working in the garden. With our Superennials™ line of sustainable plants, they can have a beautiful, serene, easy to maintain garden that provides ample bloom, foliage color/texture and multi-season interest.

Superennial TagSUPERENNIALS™ are:

  • Perfectly hardy
  • Amazingly durable
  • Disease, insect and pest resistant
  • Self-maintaining requiring little upkeep

Superennials do not require fertilization, staking or chemicals to look their best. In addition, they do not require much more than what the average amount of rainfall provides.

In keeping with tradition here at Sunny Border Nurseries, we will continue to add not only the newest but also the best plants for American gardens.

Our “Superennials” program offers a great selection to enhance the garden, while meeting the consumer's need for sustainability.

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